Two (or three) things over lunch

First, I think that it's time we changed the saying "Curiosity killed the cat." to "Curiosity killed the condor." because, if you look around, there are dozens upon dozens of cats, but very few condors. Since you would normally use that saying on someone who is sticking their nose into your business it's also a more effective threat this way. They can't reply "... but satisfaction brought it back," because no, it didn't. Satisfaction stole it's wallet and left it for dead. Plus, in certain situations, it may confuse Mr. Curious long enough for you to take appropriate action.

Bob: "Hey Mikey! What'choo doing with that awkwardly shaped, dripping garbage bag and shovel?"

Mikey: " 'Curiosity killed the condor Bob.' "

Bob: " Uhh.. huh? Don'choo mean 'cat?' "

Shovel: *BONK!*


And second, the issue of "Dark Recesses Press" that my "artwork" appears in is now available as a free download here: Issue #3 I REALLY like the cover of this one. Once I saw my drawing again I wasn't so pleased with it, but that's hardly a unique feeling with regard to almost anything I do. Satisfaction in my artwork is very hard to come by.

Also, speaking of drawings, my Illustration Friday drawing is finished as well, but I'm going to hold off posting it until tomorrow or so. If you really can't wait you can go ahead and view the money-grubbing product tie in here: "Spring" greeting cards Be sure to view the inside. Have a great week everyone.


Pat Angello said…
Artwork looks great throughout. Which specific pieces are yours? I can't see your signature on anything.

Also, love the greeting card!
Pat Angello said…
Never mind - Found the pieces that are yours...
Conqueress said…
Eh, I am always my own worst critic... I had to add four oil paint layers to The Rose before I felt satisfied, but I'm still not quite happy. You art looks great (fantastic detail), and the greeting card rocks!!!

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