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I seem to be on Satan's spam list.

Very interesting

I was thinking...

Surprise! Another sign!

Random Observation (of FUN!)

One more sign

Look at me cop out...

I got this at lunch:

What was I thinking?

The long and winding post...

Last post of the day goes to:

An enjoyable story, although a tinch short.

Because I'm lazy.

It's just one of those days.

Can I take the heat?

Un-freaking-believable... Oh, and Happy Monday!

Bugger this for a lark. I'm off!

Okay, this doesn't count as a post,

Since you aren't doing anything this weekend*...

No time for funny today...

Yeah. That's no good.

A quickie. Enjoy.

Re: A slight redesign of my header.

Sears: The Odyssey

Well. That was embarrassing.

A quick thwack to the back of the noggin.

I do believe

I love this...

Coinkydinky Day

I'm SO honored.