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IF: "Help" final

IF: "Help" - sketch

Toys, toys, wonderful toys. Dolls for the girls and guns for the boys.

Wow. Thanks Mark.

THAT'S what that sounds like.

Stick it where the sun shines.

Must.... not... laugh...

Sweet Jebus, he's talking about his lunch again.

Whatcha been up to, you non posting fool?

Isn't that interesting.

What a couple of weeks.

IF: "Ghost" Series #4

IF: "Ghost" Series #3

IF: "Ghost" Series #2

IF: "Ghost" Series #1

Game Art

IF - "Smitten"

Am I a sociopath?

Illustration Friday: "Trouble"

I've got some 'splaining to do.

Illustration Friday - "Quiet"


Finally, a drawing... of sorts.

Freaking out the boy

Today's silliest sentence award goes to...

It was moving

Stupid Person Sighting (SPS)

Illustration Friday: Run

The "hard" part is done...

Changes #3... 4? I don't know.

A wee tidbit of info, yet still no art.


Now why can't I get spam like this?

Why I'm not posting

Boing Boing Thursday

I've got mail!

IF: "Opposites"

Random thought...

IF: "Sacrifice"

Illustration Friday: "Skyline"

Post-Apocalypse Shopping Tip #1

Illustration Friday - "Sticky"

Illustration Friday - "Rain"

Answering a comment.