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Made me laugh

Still sick but (hopefully) improving

CliparToon #59: If you hear tiny footsteps and a clinking noise, cover and run.

My home computer is kaput.

Now for the REAL before and after photos:

My 'Before' & 'After' photos:

Something I learned about myself yesterday.

Oh yeah...

I'm sick

Your Character’s Alignment

One more for the store:

Some things I learned from George Lucas this past weekend.

It was a shop updating kind of day.

CliparToon #58: BEERbeerBEERbeer...

Blame the zombie cucumbers.

Why I have nothing for you today.

Two Dumb Clowns

Okay. Seriously now.

Invasion of the Blog Snatching Cucumber Zombies. From Mars.

What are they thinking?

Sketching Exercise #3

You heard it here first, dammit!

Clipartoon #57: They move on silent little button feet.

Please don't be angry with me Foxy

A sample of bad logo design... and a teenie story! Weeee!

CliparToon #56: Coming soon to a chimney near you!

PoE Project #8

CliparToon #55: This was a lot funnier in my head.


PoE Project #7


CliaprToon#54: What am I? "Zooooom-swish-stabstabstab-zooom!"