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hahahaha! I'm so damned lazy!

Half-Assed Comic #7 : When Bugs Fly

Half-Assed Comic #6 : Zombies! Why do I love them so?

Ah Children...

Half-Assed Card #003

For a real strange time...

Half-Assed Card #002

Added to the store

Missing, presumed lame.

Just Stuff

Half-Assed Cards

Half-Assed Comic #5.01 : why does bobby smack billy - pt. 1

Goodbye Spalding Gray

You deserve a break today.

Half-Assed Comic #4 : Things to do in Colorado Springs when you're dead

Thanks to Jeff Kay...

Half-Assed Comic #3 : rubberband war is hell pt. 2

A quickie

Half-Assed Comic #2 : rubberband was is hell