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A little something for you aspiring comic artists that swarm my site...

Illustration Friday: 2006.01.27 - Glamour

I really need to watch my money.

Well, this is good news.

Freak-out Friday

Read this:


Happy Birthday To You!


Phrases heard as an artist-for-hire and the real meaning behind them.

A boing-boing kinda Monday

Illustration Friday: "Cats"

Yet more art poo

That OTHER drawing thing that I started awhile ago.

How's this for lame?

Illustration Friday: "E is for..."

Pop the hood on that sucker

My Trip In to Work

"Getting a leg up on Angelina Jolie"

Probably the best $7.50 I've spent in a while

Illustration Friday: "Sea"

Thanks Justin C.!

Advertising Jesus in Black & White


Happy New... something.