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Illustration Friday : "Moon"

More Babble : It's Friday.

Short Story : The toilet seat and the battle of the sexes.

Random Babble : It's hump day...

Videogame : Game of the week* - "Triangles"

Photoshop Tutorial : A Jing video of the "Gear" tutorial with sound and stuff.

Humor : Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Tutorial : Taking 'Jing' for a spin.

Art & Podcast : Show announcement and I show off something old.

Podcast : Woo hoo!

Video Games : My Shareware Game of the Month is...

Random Observation : Oh that wonderful feeling.

Illustration Friday : "Geeky"

Update : I have a better idea where my hits are coming from.

Update : It's Windy here in Colorado Springs.

More Septavo™ stuff

Drive-by near the drive-thru