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Fun way to spend a lunch hour.

I've fallen under my baby's crosshairs.

The Gift - Part 5. : The Finishing

The Gift - Part 4. : The Textening.

This is pretty important

The Gift - Part 3. : The Coloring.

The Gift - Part 2. : The Inkening.


A gift in progress


Happy Birthday to my baby!

Oh yeah, happy "Worst Day of the Year!"

It's good to be back.

Just kidding.

I'm still alive

Nosey thingie post

Wouldn't you know...

There's an off chance...

Oops there goes another blogger's job.

Happy Friday.

Geek news:

Think your life has taken a turn for the odd?

A Happy Thing for a Compulsive Collector:

Another one gone

Go. Play. Frolic.

Further Example of Finger Pointing

Normally a Junk Drawer post.