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News Flash!

Well, look at that.

A cool read

Another Vintage Poster Mod

Holy crap!

Spam virus out the Yahoo

DopeBox 420 Remix

Nancy Reagan says: "Remember kids, just say 'Cool Graphics!'"

Yep, it's busy.

Monday Things.

Good news!

Others* give you 'Phrickin' Photoblog Phridays'...

Now for something not so gruesome...

I love tangram games.

A few things about the stitched-up head drawing:

I blame the full moon...

Mental Monkeys Flinging Poo

Another short one.

So the boy doesn't feel left out.

Sleeptalkers say the darndest things.

Never stand between a zombie and his nacho money.

Have you the brain worms?

I might be trying to tell me something.

The druids look to be fielding a good team this year.

A Tough Zombie Quiz

Observations and a glimpse into my dirty, dirty mind.

Ooo what fun.

If you haven't seen this movie...

My Little Monsters