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Jordyn is chock full of surprises.

CliparToon #39: What a horrible fate.

Clipartoon #38: If I had a line then I just crossed it.

CliparToon #37: Look out yellow flower!

CiparToon #36: Now... hop around!

CliparToon #35: New, on Fox!

And here I was afraid I would run out of scamspam.

CliparToon #34: Noooo! Think of the children!

CliparToon #33: You head for the lungs, I'll take out the liver!

CliparToon #32: The Tricks of the Trade.

If you haven't followed this

Running with an idea

HahahHAHAhahaha... heh.

CliparToon #31: What's more flammable than a baby?

It's Monday

Listen... Do you wanna know a secret?

Today just isn't my day.

CliparToon #30: Things are tough all over.

I had my review today, oh boy.

Happy St. Paddy's Day

CliparToon #29: Shake your butt, Joe!

An emergency phone call

CliparToon #28: Bad Betty!

CliparToon #27: Let the sun shine in.

Go. Play. Smite.

Good morning Starshine

CliparToon #26: Poor Paul

To prep you drinkers for the weekend...

Clipartoon #25: I hear the fish are bitin'

Look at me, answerin' questions.

Why I haven't posted for the last couple of days.

Potentially Sadistic

Clipartoon #24: Why? Why not?!

Movies for your Monday

And a little movie to round out the week:

I guess it could have been worse.

Go nuts you godless heathens!

Clipartoon #23: "I've lost things in tight places..."

Oh you dog.


The questions, they burn!

CliparToon #22: The Grim Farmer

Another Amusing Animation

CliparToon #21: Fear Recyclebot!