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In support of my pants hypothesis

Old Man Pants

Scene: A Courtroom

Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...

Summer Colds Suck

Still here

The job search continues...

As promised.

More testing and games.

I'm testing a new program.

I felt it coming.

Recurring Nightmare

My lame humor.

25 Things - List of things... random things... about me.

An update and so much more!


Songs, magical songs

More randomness than you can shake a whale at.

What a politicelicous day!

I wish it was Sunday.

Friday Fun!

Oh happy responsibilities!

The week is only half over.

Lunchtime on a busy Tuesday afternoon

What a freakin' bleak day.

Would you look at the time?

The economy sucks. Hard.

New year, new start