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Is this the end of the Fizzle & Pop blog?

Video Game : Game of the Month

Randomness : Pointless Invention

Woot.Shirts : Three designs...

Shameless Plug : Skull Totes

Shirt.Woot : Results of the first Derby.

Podcast + Stuff : This one's better than usual.

Illustration Friday : "Moon"

More Babble : It's Friday.

Short Story : The toilet seat and the battle of the sexes.

Random Babble : It's hump day...

Videogame : Game of the week* - "Triangles"

Photoshop Tutorial : A Jing video of the "Gear" tutorial with sound and stuff.

Humor : Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Tutorial : Taking 'Jing' for a spin.

Art & Podcast : Show announcement and I show off something old.

Podcast : Woo hoo!

Video Games : My Shareware Game of the Month is...

Random Observation : Oh that wonderful feeling.

Illustration Friday : "Geeky"

Update : I have a better idea where my hits are coming from.

Update : It's Windy here in Colorado Springs.

More Septavo™ stuff

Drive-by near the drive-thru

Got no art, but I'm filled with story

My daughter blabbering.

Going... going...

Made for Heather...


Getting to know me.

You know I'm looking forward to this...

AFI's Top 100 Comedies

IF: Cars

It's Friday don'cha know.

4th (final) Illustration

No IF from me today, but...

Good Point.

What's new?

A new video is up.

A musing...

IF: Neighbor

Succumbed to da' Debbil.

Yet even more “Art“ of dubious value...

The Todd Settlement

More “art”.


Another Tuesday...

Odds are...