Recurring Nightmare

A long time ago, when my son was maybe 2 years old – so 14 years ago – my car was broken into during the night. It was parked in front of the house. I came out to the driver's side door, on the street side, standing open. The glove box had been rifled through and anything of value was gone. The doors had been locked, but it was a late 80s Ford station wagon so I can't imagine it was that hard to break into.

So I got into the car, straightened up the glove box, put in the key and turned it. Nothing happened. I was already going to be late for work and now the car wouldn't start. I'd had problems with it before, and thought the battery cables might be loose. So I popped the hood release, got out and lifted the hood. Indeed, the cables were loose. Very loose. They were just hanging there. The battery was gone.

Yep. The fuckers also stole my battery.

Since then, off and on, I'll have a dream where I'm coming out to my car and it's been ransacked. I'm talking to the point of doors, tires, even the entire engine missing. I have no idea what triggers the dream, but I had it again last night. The difference this time was, in the dream, I was tired of this crap happening all the damned time. So I gathered what I could of the car and took it to a person who supposedly would be able to make it so nothing could be taken from my car ever again, but it was going to cost me $400. I woke up before deciding whether or not to have the work done.

To this day, I never keep anything of value in my car.


Heather said…
That's weird that you had that dream last night because while I was reading in bed I heard a loud bump like maybe a car hit the speed bump to fast but then I didn't really hear a car go by so I got all worried that someone was messing with our cars. Apparently not worried enough to get up and check or remember to tell you about it, though. :-/
Derek Knight said…
I had that dream too, a few months ago. EVEN THE ENGINE WAS GONE!

What's it mean?
Trashman said…
Where's the funky nipple?
I just have dreams where my friends die or my teeth fall out- both of them scare the bejeezes out of me!
Midwest Mommy said…
I have dreams where I wake up in a dry scream because someone is standing in my room but I can't scream to tell the hubs. Freaks the crap out of me, lol!

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