Today's silliest sentence award goes to...

Chris Roper, of IGN, for his review of 'Okami' for the PS2:

"In fact, the game will surprise you in ways that you hadn't expected..."

As opposed to the things that surprise you in the "ho-hum, I totally expected that" way.

Yeah, yeah, I know what he means, but it still amused me. So why did I single this sentence out, when I had all of the internet to choose from? Because I needed to post something and I happened to be reading the review. I haven't posted anything in a week. And I haven't drawn anything in even longer. I did so much cleaning of my old apartment on Saturday and Sunday that my fingers are still too weak and stiff to hold a stylus. At least not well enough to draw anything.

A bit further through the review I ran across this sentence: "... the game's events feel much bigger then just you and Orochi (the game's 8-headed protagonist)..."

From what I know of the game – I haven't played it yet, but I have read quite a bit – Orochi is an evil demon that you are up against. I'm reasonably sure that would make him the game's 'antagonist'.

And a weeeee bit further: "Some are as simply as talking to someone...".

Do you not have an editor? A proofreader? Any help at all?

With that, I'm done. Have a great week everyone!


Derek Knight said…
AOL news is the exact same way...I'm convinced that their official motto is "speeling and grammar bee damned! We beeger then u! lollollol"
Debra said…
haha I love that sentance. It sounds like something I would say.. or have said.

Want to come clean my house too? My cats have been lazing about to much lately I think everything is covered in their hair, including myself.
Conqueress said…
Hey, as to finding that card reader for shoing us your injury pics... "You'll never guess. It was in the last place I looked." Gotta love DUH moments :-) Glad to see you up and walking!
Conqueress said…
And DUH - - I can't speeel shoing.
Pat Angello said…
Sounds like a marketing writer!

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