Whatcha been up to, you non posting fool?

Working, sleeping and occasionally watching movies for the most part. And a bit of game playing here and there. And trying to come up with something for everyone on my Christmas list. Tis the season to be poorer.

I did do one artistic thing in the past few weeks, and that was create a background for Heather's new MySpace account. You can see it here.

Their ads sure are annoying. Can't be something unblinking or out of the way. Of course not. If they did that the ads wouldn't work. As it is now I can't stop myself from clicking on them. clickity-click. Genius.

Heather wants me to start up a MySpace account as well. I'm of the opinion that it's the Debbil's work and I'm having none of it. Not to mention that I already have –what? – five blogs that I don't update worth a poop as it is. Still, I'll bet that I cave at some point. Nearly everyone has one. Even dead people. So yeah, expect to see me there sometime in the future. The shiny, shiny future.

To be honest I'm only posting today in order to push down that Dora "toy" because I'm sick of looking at it. I had hoped I would have an IF post to really eat up the space, but no such luck. Maybe next week.

So, is that toy off my screen yet? Not quite.

This ought to take up some room. An old "Half-Assed Comic" from days of yore. Click it to make it readable:

annnnnd one of my favorite PoE comics (also clickable):

And that should do it. Have great weekend everyone.


Heather said…
My background you made me is swell!! Thanks, baby! Seriously, you will be my #1 Friend if you join up! ;)
Derek Knight said…
ahh, relics from when you were tolerably creative. I miss those days.

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