Isn't that interesting.

I wrote a post back in June about how a certain "Dora" toy looked kind of phallic. [Read it here]

That post upset one of my readers, who chewed me out for twisting innocent things. That led to a lengthy follow up post. [Here]

Now I'm sure that I've lost Don as a reader of my site forever. So it goes. However, I just saw this today over at BoingBoing: Phallic toy alert: Dora Aquapet.

For those of you not inclined to follow links, here's what it looks like:

So my question is, what is up with the Dora toy designers? Sure, sure, I bet they did not mean to make that toy look like a cock any more than they did the other toy. But come on! Get someone on staff in either QA or RND with a dirty mind and a willingness to point out the absurd, would you?


Heather said…
I'm sorry but maybe, just maybe, I could see Don's point on the joystick...wait. No I couldn't - that one was phallic and this one is even more so! What the hell???
Debra said…
hahahaha OMG! If this waterpet thingy isn;t phallic, I'm not sure what it is!

And I'm not just seeing that because I have sex on the brain. :p
Rayne said…
Oh, man!!! How could they miss that? This is almost as good as Harry Potter's vibrating broomstick toy.
Derek Knight said…

Oh, wait! That's pretty goddamned dick-shaped. Are those yellow things infections? Horrifying.
Robyn said…
That previous post cracked met up, and there is NO DENYING what this toy looks like.

I will give the designers the benefit of the doubt, though. I once worked on a show where the very repressed and single designer kept designing very phallic items. (costume helmets, etc) The Id wants to get laid, and even if that person lives like a monk, the desires manifests somehow.

I bet somewhere in China is a VERY unhappy toy designer.
Debra said…
The Id wants to get laid, and even if that person lives like a monk, the desires manifests somehow.

ROFL! I knew I needed to come back here and read the comments!
Momcani said…
Ok, all I know is that Dora screams at me "HI! I"M DORA!" I think the girl has issues. And so does the designers. "SWIPPER, NO SWIPPING!" What's up with that?

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