THAT'S what that sounds like.

Not a sound I want to hear in person. Ever. Thanks for the demonstration Moon Knight.

I'm giving a program a shot that'll allow me to record the crap I draw AS IT HAPPENS!

More or less.

So far the only program I've tried is iShowU for the Mac. It's $20 and seems to work rather well. I'll probably need to pick up a $199 video card at some point so I can actually record in full screen rather than in "follow the cursor dizzy vision". But that's down the road. Here's my first shot at it (as of this post the movie still isn't available, but it should be eventually):

I also plan to do requests. Tutorials. That kind of stuff. So. Plans. Big honkin' plans.


Anonymous said…
That's really fucking cool.

Heather said…
Go Moon Knight - - Go Moon Knight!!

I hope you never have to hear that, either. Yikes!

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