IF: "Super Hero" - final

Due to both the time it takes to export the movies, and the fact that I would rather spend the day celebrating Heather's birthday with her than dinking around any more on the computer, the videos won't be up until Saturday at the earliest. As for the videos, I'll be honest, they're a wee bit crappy. First I lost the audio on the movie #1, then on movie #2 I was more focused on getting it done than on talking so the audio was useless, and finally I decided for the last movie to change how it was fillmed. On the first two there was way too much motion with the recoder is set to follow the cursor, so I tried a set stage. You can't see the tools that I select, or how I manipulate the layers as easily so they may be useless for learning from, but you also shouldn't feel the need to barf. I hope.

So, by saturday, I have to make three 9-minute audio tracks to synch the movies to – which will also speed them up... a good thing – and I have to make title credits as well. Fun fun. But I am learning and they should get better and more useful the more of them I make.

So. That said, here's my final illustration for the Illustration Friday topic "Super Hero" (all images are clickable):

IF: "Super Hero" final

Here's a link to where I posted the initial sketch and the YouTube movie of the same being made: Sketch

And, lastly, here's my 7-year-old daughter Jordyn's take on the topic... Streg the Fatman!:


And a cat that she also drew, because I like it:


Have a great week everyone, and be sure to check back sometime later on Saturday if you want to see the "making of" movies. Myooo!


Great work by both you and your daughter! Thanks for sharing them!
Michelle Lana said…
Great character....also, nice drawings too :)
Heather said…
I love your Lime guy! And Jordyn is getting so good at drawing!
Derek Knight said…
did jordyn's kitty just get shot in the gut with a 12-gauge?

Great stuff.
Larry Lee said…
Great charater! Great illo(s)!
ValGalArt said…
Very cool character and your daughters art is charming! No barfing allowed!!!
Don said…
Still love the style. Somehow, I image his transportation being a slightly modified Gremlin, something like THIS.
Adrian Ropp said…
Hey! Very slick! I love it!
psychopooch said…
hmmm... i'm liking ur daughter's piece more ;)

Lime guy looks pretty cool too. very nice style.

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