IF: "Super Hero" - Sketch

Well, that was nothing if not time consuming. Going into this week's illustration friday topic, I had no idea what I was going to do. Knowing that I wanted to record it made it even more difficult to come up with anything. I recorded and trashed two earlier ideas before settling on this one. I would show you how much worse the other two ideas were, but... well... they don't exist anymore, except as rapidly fading memories.

Through it all I realized that I'm just not a super hero kinda guy, I guess.

So, here's the sketch, and please keep in mind that it's only a sketch. It will look better when it's finished. At least it should. I hope it does. They usually do.


If you would like to see how I made it you have a couple of options. You can either watch the cut 320x240 YouTube video that I uploaded (now with music!), or you can download the uncut 640x480 video from this link. Or you can do both. Who am I to limit your choices?

Sketch Video:

Edit: Wow. After viewing how the YouTube video turned out, all I can say is that's horrible. Simply horrible. I think I'm going to have to figure out something else.

Edit2: Okay, I figured out something else. It shouldn't be as bad and it's also a little under 6 minutes long now for reasons that are silly. And there's music. And dancing bears. Okay, no bears. But there is music, so that may help the time pass faster. This is also probably my most edited post ever.

(end edit 2, resuming edit 1)

Oh, and I started filming the finalizing of the drawing last night. Just the head took 27 minutes, although there was going to be audio with it as well. I say "was going to be" because something went wrong and there was no audio when it was all done. And the raw file was 9.7GB. Even after I compressed and resized it to the same settings as the better quality sketch movie it was still 300 MB. I'm looking into how to fix that without making it look as horrible as the YouTube video does. Needless to say, the final video won't be available before Thursday.

After I'd finished the sketch and looked at it, I realized why I had the thought that I'd done this drawing before... well, not THIS one, but one like it:

I guess I have a "thing" for capes and mohawk-ie stuff.

So now the plan is for me to record the finishing steps at some point between now and Thursday. I may have a couple hours to work on it in the morning, and that might be enough. I guess we'll see. I'm also considering recording a voice over with it as well, although that adds considerably to the file size.

Take care all.

Sometime soon: The story about the half-sisters I never knew I had by way of the father I never knew.*


*It's not that I think the silly IF stuff is more important. I just found out about them a couple days ago and I'm still getting to know them. I'll tell you more in due time.


Heather said…
I like him. I think he's more human looking than the first guy - and cuter!!
Derek Knight said…
you crazy!
Debra said…
hehe I didn't download the vid, but from what I see, very cute!
ValGalArt said…
love the earring and the slightly yellow teeth!

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