Half-Assed Comic #8 : Ummm...Uhhh...Okay.

Acute writer's block. Any suggestions?
(Alternate text for search engines) Hah! I think I've figured out why I'll never be doing this for a living. I thought I had an idea for a comic. But it was boring to me, so there's no way anyone else would have been interested in it. then I thought I would write about the time I hydroplaned
on my motorcycle at 45 m.p.h. While that would have been a more interesting story, the previous comic was centered around my stupidity, a motor vehicle and water on a road. Been there, done that (Plus I doubt my ability to draw a decent motorcycle). So, I'd had a whopping total of two crappy ideas and then Monday came around and I realized that I hadn't posted anything since the lame "I have nothing to post" post. And that added even more pressure. I would like to say that I don't do well under pressure. I find that trying to come up with something creative and funny while feeling pressured is the same as trying to maintain an erection in a room full of strangers who are pointing and laughing. I would imagine. Except my goal here is to (hopefully) make people laugh, so maybe its not quite the same. Don't worry though, I'm not going to show you my willy. Not even for easy laughs. I'm just pointing out why I'll have to keep my day job. and since I'm really dropping the ball on this one, I figure It would be best if I hand the rest of this strip to Bob, the amazing talking head in a jar! Take it away Bob!


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