Wednesday, May 03, 2006

IF - "Under the Sea"

Like all of God's creatures, Illustration Friday once again returns to the sea. You would think that with access to what must be hundreds of idea submission they receive each week they could choose a theme that is not almost exactly the same as a theme they used a few months back. At least I would think that. Oh well.

At first I was very miffed and devoid of ideas, so I thought it would be funny to post the bottom half of my original IF "Sea" drawing:

But I hated to just be funny. Still without ideas, I figured if nothing else I could add the drawing that I made for Heather a couple years ago around when we first started dating. It's sea related and a lot of the people who visit here from IF probably haven't seen it before

Just remember: it's mighty cold under the sea.

Fortunately, I found the time to create something new as well. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to mark the various steps. Also, since I didn't know where I was going with it when I started, it would have been kinda hard to document. That's right. I sat down with a blank screen and nothing in my mind beyond "It has to be something under the sea and it's already Tuesday", and I eventually came up with this:

Not necessarily original, but well executed (if I say so myself)(... and I do). What are your thoughts?


Tony LaRocca said...

hee hee... it's mighty cold under the sea.. I love the bottom one- you do so much with just a few colors and lines- but the right ones

Heather said...

Awesome! I feel so bad for the poor little worm!! Doom is upon him in the shape of an ugly sea creature!!! Excellent!

Lou said...

All three are great. I agree that the last one tells a lot with so little. Great job with them!

Derek Knight said...

hey, way to go.

Andy K said...

Kraken! Awesome!

TXArtcGal said...

I can always count on you for a great smile, and a great illo! I am with you 100% with this week's theme...and, even had trouble being creative. I didn't even do sketches for my final piece...I just went at it in Illustrator and the pen tool! LOL!

Anyway...LOVE all of your illos...and, the latest tells a great story as well! (love that little worm!...)

Kala said...

the bottom one is definately the best, you've captured it beautifully!

brandon said...

yeah, I was kinda miffed by the theme repeat too. So long as they don't come up with "chair" again tomorrow, people might survive. Anyhow, nice composition, treatment of space in the water, & nice monster of the deep you got working there.

Tony Sarrecchia said... is cold under their. Great job on all of them.

Sea Angel said...

"mighty cold" lol!

"Boring a hole in the patient’s head creates a door through which the demons can escape, and - viola! - out goes the crazy."