It's a shpadoinkle Monday!

Okay, fine, the spammers win. I've turned on word verification for the comments even though I hate it. It's an impediment to casual commenting, but it also seems to be pretty good at stopping all those people that want me to buy things for my willy and check out their fascinating refinancing "blogs". So, to everyone who leaves comments, I'm sorry. I hope you don't stop.


Speaking of spam:

It's a special kind of day when you open up your email and are greeted by this:


Now my observations:

Bad grammar, obviously. "And I show you...". May as well have added "You love me long time sailor boy! Five dollah nookie!"
I've never considered calling "that" the rabbit hole. I will say this: if he reaches the bottom you'll be in for some pain 'cause Viagra doesn't make "it" any longer, just more durable. Also, don't stuff rabbits in there.
For some reason* that last thought brought to my mind the 'Rocky and Bullwinkle' cartoon. Specifically the magic trick segment.

B: "Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"

R: "Again?"

B: "Nuthin' up my sleeve, and... Presto!"

Baby: "Whaaaaaa!"

B: (shove) "Wrong hat."

It's probably a lot funnier in my head. And horribly more explicit. If you want a close approximation of what I'm thinking, picture Bullwinkle behind the Britney statue (you know the one) and she's the hat. Now tell me, isn't THAT an image you want trapped in your head?

And there you go. I'll have "Under the Sea" IF post at some point between now and Friday, even if I have to use old stuff. Have a good week.

* I'm sick in the head.


I won't stop commenting! But while I'm here, let me tell you about this offer I have -- special for you today ONLY! I HAVE BRAND-NAME C!AL!S AND V!AGR A PILLS AT CUT-RATE PRICES

Sea Angel said…
TXArtcGal said…
This is exactly why I have the word verification on...I learned the hard way.

Speaking of I accidentally typed in instead of GRRR! PTL my daughter wasn't standing behind me!!
Derek Knight said…
Nice caveat. "I'm sick in the head."

Wendy said…
You always get the most entertaining spam. Mine's always about refinancing mortgages or some such junk and how boring is that?!

Also...just noticed that your word verification has handicap accessibility to it. Umm, I don't mean to make light of anyone and maybe there's something I don't know about all this but, if someone has to hear an audio clip to submit the word verification and leave a comment, how were they reading your blog to begin with???
Collin said…
Retropolitan: Tsk. And you call yourself a spammer. Everyone knows it's "Pi11s".

Sea Angel: Glad you enjoyed it. I got even funnier ones today, but I'll hold on to them for awhile.

TXArtcGal: I was letting it go for awhile and just deleting them or making fun of them when they happened. I got tired of it though. And since I'm at work I'll take your word on that first link.

Derek: I need to have a t-shirt made up that says that. Also this one would do: (Brain Food)

Wendy: A lot of spam can be entertaining if you approach it the right way. I think that handicap dealie is new. At least I didn't notice it until after you mentioned it. As to the logic, I'm sure there must be some or they wouldn't have done it.
Jared said…
Dear God I'm jealous of your porno spam. Stupid AOL blocking all the doom.
Collin said…
Jared: I tried to send my post with the image attached to Heather so she could read it at work (I normally do that) and it got blocked. I tried without the image and it still got blocked. I had to read it to her over the phone. That's one powerful spam blocker she has.
Pat Angello said…
Yer a freak, and that's why we like you!

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