IF: "Opposites"

I'm still suffering from a bit of creative block. But I managed to get something done for "Opposites".

Illustration Friday:

What's more, I took extensive screenshots of the process. The downside is I tracked so many stage that I don't have the energy to write out what I did during each one. Especially after setting up all of the images and putting together the code for the page.

It has so far taken me at least twice as long, if not longer, to just get the breakdown to the state it is now than it did to actually make the completed image. Ugh.

And to top it off, around stage 26 I noticed something that I'd never noticed on the Flickr image page before. Apparently, it's in the "Flickr Terms of Service that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. (So, use Option 1.)"

I never use Option 1. Mainly because when I link a photo that is smaller than the original size, I want it to link to the original size when it's clicked on. That seems to be frowned on now.

By that point in the breakdown there was no way I was going to go back and change every one of the photos for all those stages, so for now I'll let it be. I have a feeling that I'll be migrating my site's image hosting back to SmugMug if Flickr tries to enforce this. For most stuff it won't matter too much if I use Option 1, however some things, like my header, would look stupid as hell linking back to Flickr.

Also, using Option 1 would keep me from doing nifty things like:

Click on the sketch to go to the breakdown for "Opposites".

At some point this week I'll try to add in some text that explains just what you are looking at in the breakdown. Those of you familiar with Photoshop can probably figure it out.

Have a great week everyone! Comments are always welcome.


Tony LaRocca said…
All I can think of is the theme song to that stupid 80's TV show: "Square pegs, square pegs, square...pegs!"
IdiotHead said…
I'll take that bet. There is no question in my mind that Square is going to jump in. Of course, with enough force, he'll make it too! Nice drawing. Also enjoyed the 'making of' images. I've been meaning to start a similar blog, but, by the time I finish the illo for the week, my wife thinks I should be doing other things.
Stacia said…
Wow! Lots o' work...glad I stopped by to see what's what. Enjoyed the step by step AND clever image! Great idea :)
Derek Knight said…
that's pretty funny.
Cindy said…
Great idea, and love to see the how-to's. (I'm to dumb to figure out how to do that kind of stuff myself, but I still like to see how it was done!)
Heather said…
I like the look on the red block's face - the way he's whispering out of the side of his mouth!! Very cute!
Toni said…
Hehe love your illo. I bet he trys to go in the whole by the look of his face.
BTW that's a lot of screen shots.
andy K said…
Square pegs have such skinny legs. They're cute that way.
Squatchy said…
The rectangular block looks so perplexed. I love it!
Anonymous said…
You and your subtle anal sex jokes.
I swear.
ha! that's so great. Simple and funny and great!
faeorain said…
I love your cartoons! You always come up with such great and funny ideas. Nice work!
Catnapping said…
simply wonderful LOL.

a great take on opposites!

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