IF: "Sacrifice"

Yeesh. I started off the week without an ounce of creativity in my body and ended it too busy or tired to finish anything. I did have an idea at the beginning of the week, but I was totally unable to capture on paper/computer screen. Not even a sketch. So I tried out a few other ideas as the week went on that I could sketch, but I didn't take any of them further. Rather than have nothing to show this week, I'll display the sketches in all their sketchy glory.

I made this sketch while trying to snap out of my creativity funk. It didn't quite snap.

This one was done a little further along. I liked the idea, but when it came time to start adding color and fixing it up I either lost interest or got distracted. Not sure which.

This final one I wasn't able to capture the feel I was going for. If I'd taken the time to finish it, it might have worked better. But then again, it might not.

That's it for this week. Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


TXArtcGal said…
Well, thanks for sharing your sketches! Maybe one of these days you can finish them up. I like the idea of your second sketch for the theme...it is original (from what I have seen of the others).

Have a great week!
The second one would be heartbreaking if the pinata were too high for her to hit it. TRAGEDY
Derek Knight said…
I liked the first one but, yeah, the second one was less literal. I like that.
I have an artsy question: how do people do the "projected" letter thing?

Like in this:
Sky Cap'n

Other than, you know, manually.
Collin said…
The best way as far as I can tell is the long, manual way – at least of the tools I have available. I know that you can do it in some 3D programs, but I always have a hell of a time getting the lighting to work.

I do have one tutorial that I found on the net a year or so ago that we've pulled out on occasion when a client wants type to have a 3D look.

However when I went back to that URL to link to it here, they were gone, gone, gone.

So, I'll tell you what I'll try to do. I'll do a step-by-step walkthrough of making 3D type in Photoshop on my "Visual Breakdown" site when I get a chance – basically recreating that tutorial. However that might not be until I'm on vacation the week after next. Is this just curiosity on your part? Or are you on a deadline?
Just curiosity. Been meaning to figure it out for a while now.

Actually, there's kind of a way to do it in Microsoft Word, but there are significant problems with it.

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