Of sorts.

The house buying proceeds. I just got past the inspection and there aren't any major problems. My realtor is going to put together a list of things that need fixing and he will pass it along to the seller's realtor. The closing is still set for the 25th. Whee.

The downside is I've been more stressed than usual, and I haven't been sleeping that well lately. So I'm starting to feel really run down.

Also in the pot, I've created something that might be great, or it might flop like... something very floppy. My mind isn't working well right now.

Anyhow, it's Spam-a-Palooza, and while there isn't much of anything there right now, with some time, sunshine, water and manure it just might blossom into something wonderfully stinky, like that corpse-flower in New York. To really make it grow though, I'm going to need help. Thats where you people come in, if you want. Be my manure! Or water. Sunshine? Whatever. My head is thumping in a bad way right now.

Until later, take care.


Pat Angello said…
Good luck on the house thing. Please tell me you did a full inspection, not just structural? That killed us on our first house - just want you to learn from our mistake!
Heather said…
I haven't been sleeping well either. It must be the house stress. Ugh!
squatchyk said…
Congratulations on the house! How exciting. They have these wonderful sleep aid pills if you really are in need of a good nights sleep. They are not habit forming either. :)
Derek Knight said…
I already offered the sleep aid pills, he don't want 'em.

I'll be manure! Where do I sign?
Chancelucky said…
Good luck with the house. Should I be afraid of Spam-a-Palooza or happy that it's coming?
Derek can be the manure... I call sunshine.


What can I do as Sunshine, sunshine? (should I say that in a British accent?)

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