IF: "Ghost" Series #2

Illustration Friday:

Here's the ghost of the day. I'm still not completely satisfied with it, however if I'm going to stick with the idea of getting a new ghost up each day until Friday, I just can't keep dinking around with them.

Now, although this might look like a few of the characters from a hugely popular Namco video game by the name of Pac-something-or-other, for all intents and lawsuit purposes it isn't. See, in "reality" these two ghosts went to a party and the one on the right ate damn near all of the cheesecake and marshmallows, and now he's pink with embarrassment. Ignore the 'x's on the cheesecake. My stylus slipped.

See you tomorrow.

UPDATE: Too much looking has lead to a slight modification (still not sure I like it), and a new version of Ghost #2.

Illustration Friday:

I figure it's only natural to want some relief after so much cheesecake.

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Heather said…
Damn greedy ghost! Save some cheesecake for me!!

Cute! I like it!
Derek Knight said…
I like how the blue ghost is all pissed that the Pink ghost got to pac...er...cheesecakeman first.
Heather said…
Love the update - too funny!!
I like your works, and your words make me laugh! Funny, funny.
IdiotHead said…
I think I like the illo with two ghosts better. Doing Pac-Man is a great idea. Wish I would have thought of that. Great take on the topic. And who knew he was cheesecake?
Steve said…
Mmmmm pizza!

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