IF: "Ghost" Series #4

Illustration Friday:

Yeah, it's an old one, but I still like it. I really didn't want to post any of my older artwork for this series, however I'm just too busy today to come up with anything new. Plus, it might be new for some people.

I originally did this illustration for a German based video game company called 'Mac-Yun-Soft' (at that time – they are now 'Zhang Games') for a sequel to one of their games, 'The Big Quest'. This was going to be one of three bosses that you would face at some point.

I illustrated all three bosses, plus their room backgrounds and various texture sets. Then I fell out of contact with the developer, partly because they kept wanting more and more without offering me anything tangible for my work, and partly because I was far too busy to continue with it.

The last time I emailed them, a few months ago, I was told that the game's still "in production".

They are currently using one of the backgrounds that I did on the page for the original game. You can see it here. My illustration is the one at the bottom of that page, but it's also being used as the game image on the main page. I was assured that, in spite of this, the game being sold is a slightly modified version of the original and not the game I'd been working on.

So, as much as I would love to break into the gaming industry, either video or traditional, I've certainly learned my lesson on offering up my art for nothing more than "future shared royalties" and without a contract of some sort. I don't mind doing work for free as long as we all know going in that's what it's going to be. For example the cherry pie illustration I did for Looney Lab's upcoming game.

As for Ghost #5, we are supposed to be hit by a blizzard tonight so there's no telling if it'll be done before Friday or not. We'll see.

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squatchyk said…
His eyes look spooky. They almost look like they are popping out at you. I also like your perplexed whale ghost. The non-Pac Man ghosts are fun too!
ValGalArt said…
yes the ghost of the whale is funny! All of these are amazing and new to me! Great work as usual!
I'm terribly concerned by the lack of Halloween posting on the blogosphere this year!

It's a relief to see ghosts here.
Hey, I bought m'self a Wacom 6x8 Intuos3. Who's excited?

squatchyk said…
I keep waiting to see ghost 5. Where is he or she?

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