A "WTF?" Product Alert

I've never really watched "Dora" before, but after seeing this toy in the local toy palace, I really have to wonder just what she's exploring:

(click it... it grows bigger)

Apologies for the blur; this was done stealthy fast. I wish I could have gotten more angles without actually buying the thing.

It's apparently one of those "plug directly into the TV and play" game units, and I would assume that the game involves doing the things that a Dora does. No problem there.

But take a good long look at the "joystick"... I'll wait.

Doo dee dooo....

That has to be one of the most horribly suggestive designs I've ever seen on a toy for little girls. Big girl toys are a whole other ball game.

We rounded the corner at the store and even from 20 feet away I went, "Woah! Look at THAT!"

Maybe I just have a dirty mind...

Then again:

1. It's a fleshy pink color.

2. It's curved slightly upward.

3. It has ridges running around the tip.

4. The monkey is very happy to see it, and if you've ever been to the zoo and seen a monkey with some time on his hands, you know why THAT'S significant.

5. Not pictured due to the quick shot nature of the photo, but IT HAS A FACE!*

6. I swear it's leeeeering! "Hey baby. I've got what you want."

7. And it's poking out of a bush.

Pretty much the only thing they could have done to make it any worse is if the tip was slightly darker and it vibrated when you touched it.

Now, as I said, I don't watch the show. However I really want to know if that stick is a character? If so, why? What does he do? Is he ever alone with Dora? Just where the hell are her parents?

Have a great weekend everyone!

* I found more pictures at Amazon. Click here. Notice how they avoided showing a side view? Two photos and no side view. And in both it looks pretty stubby. Finally, those two stars were hidden by the packaging, but they really add so much to the overall experience, especially if they are the "buttons" that make the whole thing "work".


Heather said…
It looks even worse in the picture. You have to wonder what all the marketing people were thinking when this got approved.
Pat Angello said…
That could be the creepiest thing ever!
ValGalArt said…
You always crack me up because you have the combo of smart and funny. Hilarious!!!
I actually listened to you on your friends podcast and it was good stuff!
Don said…

Having kids, we are familiar with these characters as well as being aware of what is being implied. To answer the implied question, this whole "discussion" is based on a combination of not knowing what things are and seeing what you want. It has nothing to do with what things actually are or even look like to someone not looking for it.

1. It's not 'fleshy pink.' It is a yellowish tan, the color of the character: a rolled up paper map.

2. It is curved because the character's cartoon style has a curve no matter what angle it is drawn from. If you've ever tried to convert a 2-d character to 3-d, this would be more obvious.

3. The 'ridge' is simply the rest of the rolled up map.

4. You're reaching -most cartoon characters have 'happy' expressions.

5. The Map character has a face on the show.

6. This is definately an interpret-the-way-you-want observation.

7. The 'bush' is made of giant green leaves -not very suggestive unless that already on the mind... even then it's a stretch.

Not trying to be "preachy", but there's not a child out there who would interpret this product the way it is descibed here. It's not a marketing issue, it's an interpretation issue.

I've only responded because I get tired of inocent things being twisted in the name of humor.

I originally linked here to see some artwork, which I have always found to be quite inpressive, whether I agree with the subject matter or not. It just seems there is less and less of that recently.

Take care!

Delete away... ;-)
Derek Knight said…
Geez, Don. No spell checker?

I'm with you, Collin. It's pretty odd, regardless of what it's SUPPOSED to be.
Andy K said…
Dora's exploring her sexuality.

Thanks for the psychology lesson/sermon. That's exactly why I come here.

You mean it's NOT a p%^&@? I'm stunned.

Collin, better start posting more illustrations. The natives are getting restless (apparently).
copygodd said…
yup, that's a thingie.
Lou said…
Great post!

The sad thing is that this is not an isolated incident. Look at all the toys on the market and all the programs on TV. The Anime "girls" have cleavage bigger than my head (maybe it is to stay in proportion with the eyes ;). We also have Dora, Boots and Map; Spongebob and Patrick; Teletubbies; Camp Lazlo; and Ed, Edd, and Eddy just to name a few.

Maybe I read too much into things, maybe I'm just a perv, maybe I'm just too knowledgaeble about marketing and subliminal messages. Who knows.

I also hate that people say that they are just kids, what do they know. I guess they never read Freud. I monitor what my kids watch and what they play with but I also don't hide the truth about society to them.

Anyway, I haven't seen this toy yet.
ValGalArt said…
Uh-oh you got in trouble by Don the Dad! One of the reasons I come to your blog is for your wicked sense of humour!!! I guess I'm gonna get detention!

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