Art stuff.

Not done while on vacation, as I had planned, but not set aside and forgotten either:

Timmy the Toaster Pastry

This was inspired by something Heather said a month or so ago when she was getting a Pop Tart for breakfast and I asked, "Aren't you going to toast it?" To which she replied, "Nope. I'm going to eat it RAW!" So. There you go. Heck, here's the sketch as well:

Timmy sketch

I hope everyone has a great week.


Derek Knight said…
I prefer toaster pastries (look, who am I kidding: Pop Tarts®, bitches! I don't buy off-brand shit) untoasted. I realize that this may seem odd to toaster TART Purists out there (I mean, they're not called rip tarts or eat tarts, they're called POP tarts, it's right in the name) but I like 'em at room temperature right out of the box.
Heather said…
That's great! He's so happy about being consumed! :)
Squatchyk said…
Thanks Timmy now I'm craving Pop Tarts. However, I would like to put Timmy in the toaster to heat him up before I ate him.
RayRay said…
Sea Angel said…
This is hillarious. =D

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