Illustration Friday: "Sprouts"

I came very close to not doing this one. Very, very close. Mainly because the word of the week – "Sprout" – didn't resonate with my creative head goo. But then I decided to make something, anything, no matter how lame or (and this is the key) strange. Done without sketching, entirely in Photoshop in about a half hour.

Illustration Friday "Sprout"

And no, I don't know what corner of my head this idea came from. For what it's worth the original plan was "Cow Sprouts" but a pig was easier to make. The bowl and the fork came close to the end of the process and the original text was going to be "Finish your piggy sprouts and you can have a cookie!" but I decided it was too wordy.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Heather said…
That is actually pretty disturbing. I'm amazingly disturbed by the tines poking into the piggy sprout. I do like your siggy (piggy siggy! HA!!_ all over the fork handle!!
Derek Knight said…
mishka said…
Oh wow. That's actually kind of funny (in the eating the head off a chocolate Easter bunny sort of way). I like your color choices.
Debra said…
I like it. A lot. But I'm also kind of disturbed. A lot.

I need to close the window.

And email the post to friends.
Sara said…
Um, I have photoshop and can't do crap with it. May be I should actually play with it for a while.

Pigs are cute.
ValGalArt said…
haha funny idea and very well done! love the lettering too!

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