One down, two to go.

I've been sketching robots for the last couple of days because my brother, Trevor, wants his next tattoo to be a robot that I've designed. I was able to finish nine sketches before I ran out of ideas. Tonight he came over and looked through them:









Now, I'm not someone who has drawn very many robots. I know, I know, it's hard to tell, isn't it? You may also noticed that I actually sketched these out on paper. In a sketchbook. I haven't done that in a very long time.

After checking out all of them, it came down to numbers six and seven, with six ultimately winning after a bit of modification to its face:


Then I converted the pencil lines to vector paths:


Dropped in a tone layer beneath the lines layer, set to "multiply":


Then I proceded to add in the color layers below the tone layer:


And last of all Trevor wanted to include "Three Laws Safe" as a nod to Issac Asimov's rules of robotics:


The background coloring is as close of an approximation to the skin tone where the tattoo will reside as I could get in the yellow lighting of my computer area. Now, I have no idea if they will be able to get these colors or not. I suppose they'll let him know when he goes to get it done. He asked if I wanted to be there for it, and I said I'd pass, but now I'm reconsidering. If I do go I'll once again document the process with photos and upload them afterward.

Now on to my second project.


Squatchyk said…
It's funny I liked 3 and 6. Of course 3 is probably to cute for Trevor! Nice work. I like the shading on him.
Derek Knight said…
Yes, 3 made me laugh. I do like the finished product and YES, you should go and document the process.
ValGalArt said…
very cool! i love when you show all the steps!
kathy said…
These are kewl! makes me wanna get a robot tattoo too!

Happy birthday collin!
Derek Knight said…
Happy birthday, goofball.
Sara said…
And why a robot for a tatoo. And what number tattoo is this? Once he gets one, it won't stop. I speak from 5 experiences.
Kathleen said…
#3 reminds me of The Iron Giant. Have you seen it? I love that movie, even if it ostensibly for kids. Makes me cry every time.

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