Podcast + Stuff : This one's better than usual.

At least I think so. Probably because it's not just me and Derek yammering. Check it out:

--- Stuff ---

As a side note, the crazy number of hits I'd been getting for awhile now have apparently regained sanity and shrugged out of the wrap-around jackets. I'm back to around 30 hits a day. So... I post more and I get less traffic. Sure. Why not?

My Woot shirt is holding steady at 55 votes. 602 votes more and I could be in the lead, provided the current lead design didn't get more votes. Bah-fooey. Maybe next time.

I had a dream that Derek might appreciate. I was going on a road trip the next day and I and a couple of guys I don't know were packing up a car I've never seen in preparation. We had a dog that I don't own in a box in the front seat and a cat somewhere else in the car. One of the guys was putting a bird in a can and was about to wedge it in with the dog when I suggested that we shouldn't put the bird in the car just yet. The cat would be able to get him. The guy pointed out the bird was in a can, but I said the cat was pretty smart. Then the dog escaped from his box and was running loose. We were trying to catch him because we didn't want him to get into traffic, whereupon reality shifted and all dogs looked exactly like like people, only with wild hair, wide eyes and big smiles. That meant we were chasing this dog/guy around the yard as he flailed his arms about and woofed. I thought to myself, "It's a good thing all dogs look like this guy, or people watching might think we are trying to catch a retarded guy." I finally caught him by leaning out with my arms extended and said, "C'mere! Gimme a hug!" and he did. So I guess my subconscious for the evening had decided that cats were smart enough to de-can birds and dogs are retarded.

I can't imagine why I'm losing visitors.

Happy hump day! Go get'cha some!


Anonymous said…
Zat eees veeereeeey eeenteresteeng... tell me about your muuuuzer...

Freaky dream!! I love those where you wake up to that initial WTF sensation where you realize that crap was somewhere in your brain!! LOL!!

Bella Rossa said…
Hey, it happens sometimes. Ebb and flow. It's happening to me right now (the ebb), maybe because I'm posting more pictures of my lunch, and more cat videos.

But when the comedy stuff kicks in, ohhhh, are they all ever going to be sorry they dumped me!

::cue theme from "Carrie"::

P.S. "Small world" connection - a friend of mine from Second City was talking me through some comedy show brainstorming, and mentioned a friend of hers who runs a show in Denver called "Freak Train." I was like, "Hey! I have a blog friend who did that show!"

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