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Bioshock for the XBox 360. I've only been able to play it twice since getting it what with Real Life™ and all, but the only reason this wouldn't be my GOTM would be if it were to end in an hour. I don't think that's likely. So there you are.

Last night I fought two Big Daddies and lost track of the time. They are a bitch to kill. Stayed up too late. I'm sleepy. So. Little Sisters. Harvest them or cure them? I'm curing them this time around. I figure I'll harvest them next time I play through the game and see what happens. Because I know I'll be playing through again. The last game I felt this driven to play to completion was "The Darkness," and before that it was "Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay." This is a beautiful game, it controls well, and it's from the people that created "System Shock 1 & 2." The only beef I have so far is the physics are occasionally wonky. If you have a 360 and enjoy fps games with a bit of an edge, get it.

Setting a splicer on fire and then electrocuting him when he jumps in the water is fun, but using telekinesis to bludgeon a splicer to death with a nearby corpse is even more fun.


So, I haven't posted in awhile. Technically there's one post on my Vox site that didn't made it over here. It was short though, so here it is:

Woot's Shirt Derby : Results
Aug 10, 2007

None of my three designs this week that I actually put time and thought into came close to my one, half-assed, last minute design last week. The best scoring one wasn't even a tenth of the final winning vote total.

The hot dog was the highest with 47, followed by the bones with 34 and brining up the rear is the penguin with a measly 24 votes.

I've decided that I have no idea what people want. For the next derby, whatever the topic I'm making a zombie fit. Fuck it.

Wouldn't you know it? The following derby theme was "Superhero" which I didn't participate in because of 'Marvel Zombies.' The first two weeks of the derby were filled with people accusing other people of stealing ideas. No way was I going to touch it. But last Friday the theme was Maps, so I drew up this design:

and posted it on Friday around 1 pm. By 5 pm I was in second place with close to 100 votes. However the original design didn't have the title on the shirt and after a few comments from people who didn't feel people seeing them in the shirt would "get it" – and Derek agreeing – I realized I had to do a design tweak. I made the change, resubmitted it and lost all my votes. By Friday night, however I was back up to 2nd place and remained there through the weekend. On Monday morning I started slipping behind, and now it looks like I'll be finishing in sixth. But I did get over 300 votes, so yay zombies! We'll see what next week brings.


Squatchyk said…
I love it! Derek was telling me about it last week. Thanks for posting it.
Heather said…
Bioshock is really very cool - even just to watch you play it. And I can't wait to wear one of your zombie shirts!!!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Cool beans!!! Let us know how it goes!!! Glad to see you're drawing again, Yoda!!


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