Shameless Plug : Skull Totes

I just put up a new design for a tote bag at my Cafe Press store:

It's $14.99 and you can get to it by following this link or clicking the picture.

I had a companion piece that would have been with it as well, however it was flagged for looking too much like Mickey Mouse, I guess. And yes, it does a bit:

However I'm not passing it off as "he-who-shall-not-be-named," I never even mentioned the "D" word, and I think it's different enough to be safe from lawsuit. They disagree, I'm not a lawyer and there we are. I do understand. It's hard to be willing to stand up to a gigantic corporation that has managed to extend the copyright laws 11 times to keep their flagship icon from falling into the public domain. Never mind that it was that same public domain that they raped to build their empire. (For more on this, I recommend going here.) Maybe I'll make a skull bunny.

I do have another design in the works that will look quite different. No, not a skull bunny. I'll let you know when it's up.

The whole reason I'm doing designs for tote bags right now is because I'm tired of bringing my stuff to work in plastic grocery bags. I figured, if I'm going to buy a tote bag, I may as well get one that has my art on it. The reason I've chosen to do skulls is because I like 'em. While this design appeals to me, it's not quite what I'm after. The main reason it's gone up is because Heather likes it and wants it. If at least three more people want it that'll pay for my store for a month. Wheee!

Have a great weekend.


Bella Rossa said…
Very, very cool design. If I needed a new beach bag right now, this would be it.
Heather said…
I need one of these totes by Wednesday. Please hurry. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh NICE!! I'll bet Heather 'needs' one too!! They're fab and yeah, alright it's BIT like Mickey but only if he had been incarcerated for eating Minnie A La Silence Of The Lambs and thus is cool...


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