More randomness than you can shake a whale at.

Why a whale? Because it's big and your arms would get tired after one or two shakes, because, honestly, there's not much to this post today. I figure that I'm feeling a bit run down and was reasonably entertaining yesterday, so eh.
The other day my daughter was trying to keep our dog's toy football away from him. Apparently – I was at work at the time, so this is all second hand – he knocked her to the ground and took it from her. Her response: "I've been vanquished."
I plan to once again take part in the utter crap-shoot that is the Woot T-Shirt Derby this week. Not because I think I've gotten any better since I last took part in it. I haven't, especially on deadline designs. No. It's because now the reward for having one of the top three shirts for the week is up to $1000, and $2 per shirt that sells after the first day. I lucked into a spot once before, perhaps I can again. So, barring illness, this Thursday after they announce the next theme, I'm going to get my happy ass designing.
Over at Redneck Diva's home she had been talking about a recent visit to the dentist. Both my kiddos just had an check up on Monday and they are all kinds of messed up. The girl managed to swing four cavities, although two were on the teeth touching her spacer so they were expected. "Expected" doesn't mean "free to fix" though. Naturally. I should also mention that she got a huge bag of all kinds of candy from her BFF for her birthday, and now she can't eat it. At least not as fast as she would like. The boy has cavities on his incoming wisdom teeth, so they are going to need to be pulled. Fun times. Anyhow, over at Diva's I commented on how we need little birds like alligators have that would sit in our mouths and clean our teeth. Or is it crocodiles? Either way, we need those birds. It would also be nice if they were mint flavored so you could suck on them when they were done, then spit them out and have all kinds of fresh breath. So, get to work on that God. And since birds might not be workable, even with divine direction, my fallback idea is nanobots. Mint flavored nanobots. Get to work on that science. It's a race!
"Out of left field." Why? Specifically, why left field? I realize it's probably a baseball related saying, and I know as little as I can manage about baseball, but does stuff traditionally come unexpectedly from left field? As traditionally as something unexpected can be, of course. Aren't there more unexpected places for things to come from in a baseball stadium? "Jesus! That came totally from the hot dog vendor!" I suppose I could research it, but as I've said here before, no.
We have another podcast. In it I say, maybe, three words. Five at the most. Unless Derek dubbed some more in without telling me. Click to listen.

M. Dung Baby! Awayy!
That's long enough. Here's the next stage in the first SloMo Design:

What the hell? I don't know. I really don't.


Trashman said…
Yep. Looks like a WTF.
Heather said…
It was soooo funny when I heard Jordyn say "vanquished." I've never heard an adult use that word, nevertheless a 9 year old.

I love the idea of the mint-flavored bird. I'd buy one!

Your doodle has me scratching my head...
Totsie said…
Hellew Colin,

Well you did say nearly two years ago that if I was ever to return to the internets with illustrations to let you know, and I've done just that. Be forewarned that what you find here is not indicative of my Illustrator work, but just a fun project I'm doing with DanTobin of Surgical Strikes. Hope you visit!
Collin said…
Trashman: I know, right?

Heather: Me too. But hey, that's how doodles go sometimes.

Totsie: Welcome back! Of sorts! I'll certainly check out the webcomic. Do you have any plans of setting up a site that IS indicative of your Illustrator work?

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