What a freakin' bleak day.

Matches my mood almost to a T.

It's a-snowin', the wind's a-blowin' and I nearly slid into a curb getting in to work. Missed it by less than a foot, nearly head on trying to make a turn. Before that I had barely made it up the slight hill on a parallel street to the one that's a monster hill I normally drive up. Not enough traction today. No telling what it's going to be like trying to get home tonight. What a fucking day. But I've already said that.

Getting back into the swing of posting is nothing at all like riding a bicycle. Just thought I would toss that out there. I have no analogy for what it IS like. It damned sure isn't easy though.

Yesterday Heather and I went to Denver to see the musical version of 'The Color Purple'; a Christmas gift from her aunt and uncle. It was the second professional musical that I've ever seen performed live; the first being 'Mama Mia' while Heather and I were in Las Vegas last June.

It was surprisingly good. I wasn't sure how they would manage to turn that story into a musical, but all-in-all it was fun. Some really good songs and excellent performances. The show was sold out. Too many people. I'm sure Heather will post more details over at her site.

The only part of the experience that I didn't like was driving there, parking, and then trying to get the hell out afterward. If we go to another play there I'm going to see what it'll take to park away from the crazy and use the light rail to get into the thick of it. I would be willing to go to a play here in Colorado Springs, but we lack culture. Still, there may be something to do locally. I'll look into it.

A huge "hello" to Trashman! It's great to know that you're there still reading after all this time. I haven't forgotten the Zombie Pimp and Ho's drawing, and may even get to it this week now that I'm actually in the habit of drawing... somewhat. More than I am in the habit of blogging. Not to get your hopes up or anything. I will try to get it done.

Any other readers from the past still reading?

Have a great week, whoever and wherever you may be. I'll be back again tomorrow.


Heather said…
It was fun but I agree with the finding another way to get there. Geesh!
Trashman said…
Hello back at ya.
ValGalArt said…
Good to hear from you Collin! Happy New Year to you :) i see you have accrued alot of blogs! I will check them out to see if one is your illos.
Derek Knight said…
I'm not still reading, no matter what leaving a comment would lead anyone to believe.
Collin said…
ValGalArt: The "My Freelance Biz Site" will have my most recent work. Thanks for visiting, and happy new year to you too!

Derek: It's just as well. It's kinda depressing so far.
Conqueress said…
I'm still here... trying to maintain my blog, MySpace, and Facebook. I just pray you guys don't jump to anything else! It's hard to keep up with yous.

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