Half-Assed Comic #3 : rubberband war is hell pt. 2

The completion of the rubberband war.

Although, since we have both been talking about this incident there has been an increasing number of rubberbands flying around work. Fortunately, we are seated far enough apart that they (so far) lack power by the time they reach their target.

Derek engaged in some walk-by sniping today, and if we were keeping score (which I know he is) he's in the lead as of now.
(Alternate text for search engines) The first band caught him square in his eye. He jerked mostly from surprise and said, "Ah! You shot my eye!" The the second hit! "Ahhh! You shot my other eye!" I was laughing mostly out of surprise that they had actually hit him! I'm not known for my killer aim, so it was extra sweet! I was very glad that I hadn't blinded him, (They were remnant bands form the supply closet so they didn't have much punch, unlike the monsters that Derek brought) But my victory was as short as it was sweet. Later he ninja'd up on me and snapped one of those monster bands of his smack on my forehead. It hurt like hell and left a welt the size of a dime that lasted the rest of the night. So he took the lead in the war and later moved in for the kill. I was talking to another employee and had my back to him at the time, but he admits this is what happened... Okay, he didn't actually blow his eye out the back of his skull. He did knock himself out of his chair and into unconsciousness though. We heard him hit the floor and went to see if he was okay. It took him a few minutes to recover his wits and his eye was crimson red for a few days. That marked the end of the war.


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