Missing, presumed lame.

Okay, yes, I'm lame. Once again I have nothing new to post today. Other than to let people know I'm still alive and thinking.

One thing I thought of was opening a cafepress shop. So I did. Here's the link, and it will be in my sidebar. Although at the moment there is nothing actually IN the shop to buy.

Also, my plan for the time being is that anything sold through the shop (once there's stuff to buy) will be at cafepress' cost. No mark-up for profit for me. That way if there's anything there you want there you can get it at the lowest price that I can set. It will remain this way for the forseeable future. If I see a lot of stuff selling per month (hah), then I may increase the price a small amount and possibly earn a bit'o cash. For now though it's not worth the tax hassle.

Also, due to some of the restrictions in their user agreement I won't be able to offer up some of the things that I had been thinking of (half-assed cards for example). Although, I haven't taken the time yet to find out what the other shops are offering to see just how much wiggle room there is, so who knows.

So, that's what I'm doing. Half-Assed Comics are currently on hold while I think some things out.


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