Half-Assed Comic #4 : Things to do in Colorado Springs when you're dead

This one took me a ridiculous amount of time. The first one took less time to finish than I spent designing the header. This one took 4x as long as the first and 2x as long as the third. Feh. I'm starting to care about the quality. This is bad. Mark my words, nothing good can come from this.

For those of you still looking forward to these, my next comic is going to be a societal rant. Won't THAT be fun?
(Alternate text for search engines)Many years ago I was involved in a discussion with Joan and Derek at the gazette about ghosts (imagine that) and what we would do if we died and found ourselves in that situation: Joan said she planed to do all the traveling that she wasn't able to do while she was alive... I can't recall what Derek had planned on happening after he died, but I figure it will go like this: (Everyone who knows him will likely agree that a blow to the head will be his cause of death. I said that I would be as annoying as I possibly could. Nothing deadly of course, (who wants the company) just minor things like: Ectoplasmic willies, shoulder taps and wedgies of the damned. When I told my ex she said, "So nothing different then?" I guess not.


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