How time flies!

Here it is Friday already and I've managed to not really post anything of consequence all week. Yay me! I knew I could do it!

Still, I doubt anyone wants to hear my old (yet true) excuses for not having posted anything worth reading this week. Yeah, sure, I was sick all week (and Labor Day weekend) with a vicious cold, but really, who out there wasn't?!

And I have still been unable to "find my funny" that went missing... oh... around about the last time that I wrote something funny. It has been awhile. But I may be closing in on it. If I can track it down I'm going to try to corner it and then bludgeon it into submission with... something handy and heavy. I don't know. Dammit.

If you are one of my longtime readers you probably have realized by now that the preceding paragraph means I don't have anything today either. Well OF COURSE I don't! I'm still trying to remember the story idea that I thought of and then forgot a few weeks ago.

I briefly toyed with the notion of discussing religion in a rant fashion, centered mostly on self-proclaimed "tools of God". But then I didn't. It's just too serious for me to get away with at this time and would have probably, at the very least, pissed a few of you off. Or made me look like a devil worshipping moron. Neither option appeals, personally.

So, lacking anything better, I would like to point out that I have filtered through my mammoth links list again. Yes, that LONG string of other, funnier places to go has gotten a tinch longer! And possibly funnier! "Retail Blog", "Foxy Mama's Blog", and "News of the Dead" moved out of Fresh and into Keepers. And in Fresh I've added "Adverbloggin", "43 Folders", and "Pup". If you have the time, check them out.

With that I'm going to get back to... you know... work. I hope you all have a good weekend. Mine looks to be a bit packed. Perhaps I'll post on Monday how I was caught cheating at tomorrow's poker game. I never got in any practice playing this week (see "Reasons for not posting") and I'm doomed if I don't cheat. I may as well set my $5 on fire. And I KNOW I'll get caught because I don't really know the game well enough to be very good at cheating either. It isn't going to be pretty.


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