I want a Submarine for Christmas!

China Best Products has them!

Well, not in stock ("We don't have any sub in stock, so you might need to wait 8 month or longer to get your sub ready to deliver after you placing your order.").

But they can have them made! "By the famous shipyard" no less!

Or, failing at that, I could get a "gravestone & tombstone". They present a convincing argument:

"8 great reasons why you should pre-plan before you die"

both together : one alone
ability to reason : confused
pleasant conditions : grief stricken
good judgment : emotional overspending
comfortable terms : all cash
paid for ahead of time : using up life insurance
continue income : income may cease
peace of mind : uncertainty

To their credit, they do have photos of headstones.

For additional giggle, read their FAQ.

ESPECIALLY this gem:

Q: How can I know if I pay you, I will get the products I ordered? Not something else or even nothing?

A: Actually, there is no answer for this question. Our service is not for everyone, just for the people "Believe it before you see it".

Oh, I do believe! I do!


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