This came as a huge surprise!

Apparently, according to this article (via Mark Maynard) my chances of getting rich from my blog are roughly the same as cracking a diamond with my butt cheeks.

And I thought for SURE I was on the path to tons of money, fame and glory!

It all seemed so easy. I'm funny (they say). People like funny things, and even occasionally pay for funny things. So obviously, I should expect to be occasionally paid. Right? Right? I mean is that really expecting too much?

Turns out it is.

So now that my hopes and dreams have been dashed in the face of reality (Take THAT reality! You want more?! Come get some!) what is left?

How am I going to secure my future?

I might have to start selling cheap software, medication or porn through warm and personal mass emails to my close friends and the rest of the world.

From now on I will have to look my children in the eyes while thinking in the back of my mind, "I hope I can interest enough perverts in booby pics to pay for your college tuition since that whole "blog" thing went belly up."

It's simply not fair. Especially when I offer so much for so little to so few and ask for nothing but money and comments in return.

I believe it may be time for me to seriously rethink my retirement plan. And stock up on porn.


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