Illustration Friday 03.10.2006 - "Tattoo"

Tattoos and I go way back. Not that I have any. My skin is surprisingly ink free. I just never really like anything I've drawn well enough to want it on my skin forever.

I have, however, drawn a few for people over the years. The first one was for my former co-worker Pat from my theater days. It was done before I had any art training beyond High School and it pains me to think of it still out there, somewhere. The second was for my mom. There may have been one or two other that I'm forgetting about that I would have drawn around that time.

More recently I did a tattoo for my brother that I documented extensively in an earlier post. I also drew a few requests, but I have no idea if they were ever actually inked or not.

That said, I had a fairly large pool of old art to choose from for this week's word, but I decided to draw something new. Isn't that special? I also saved three steps of it this time as well. The amazement never stops, does it? Oh yeah! At the end of that I'm also including the few art files that I still have for my other tattoo drawings. It's a tattoo extravaganza! Woot! So, here we go. All images are clickable to be viewed larger and comments are cherished like wondrous children that I don't have to feed.

Here's my submission for this week's IF.

Step 1: Sketch it out.

Step 2: Do the lines.

Step 3: Add the colors, change the border.

Step 4 (the final): Tweak it a bit until I hat it less than I did at step 3.


Now the old stuff:

My brother's tattoo.

A design that I made for Justin Kuhn to his specifications.

This is a design that I made for Kif.

And finally, this is something I made for someone whose name I completely forget.

Now that should be plenty of tattoo stuff for you. Have a great week everyone!


cool tattoos!! I like the lizard one best.
disappointed said…
great lizard - i always said i would get a lizard tatt - but i think i am the wrong age for it now!

It may be an idea for my 80th birthday.....I am a looong way off that though!
robyn said…
the film crew guy tat is rad! I work down in the trenches with the grips all the time, and that one is the best "salute to movies" I have seen.

It would also make a great "crew" shirt. On big jobs, each crew (grips, transpo, camera) will make up their own shirts and sell them.
ValGalArt said…
great work, if I was gonna get one I would have you make the drawing! I love them all but looooooooooove the torqued out paintbrush and pencil!!! coolio!
andy K said…
Was that last one for an insurance salesman?
Sea Angel said…
I like them all, but the one you did for your brtoher is my favorite... Oh, and I don't like the gecko. I'm afraid of them.
Heather said…
I like them all. Too bad I can never decide on a tattoo, I would definitelt have you design it!
Tony Sarrecchia said…
Cool tats...Justin's tat rocks.
Ellen said…
WOW! Great stuff!!!
Bron Smith said…
A great batch of designs. You draw very well.
Kathleen said…
Love the lizard/chameleon. Very cool.
Don said…
Although I like the techniques and style on all of these, I like the lizard most for what it is. Cool stuff.
TXArtcGal said…
GREAT images!! LOVED them all!

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