"My Blog" low-tech blog site.

I'm tired of being charged for my premium shop yet I don't want to close it, so hopefully something will start selling. Perhaps this:

For the blogger who has everything except electricity!

Write stuff down, take it to the streets, show it off to strangers, make them leave comments!

The only time your site will go down is if you put it down!

Spyware free! No pop-up ads! No viruses!

You can finally punch trolls in the face!

No experience with HTML or CSS needed!

160MB server space
(1 MB = 1 page)

Spell checker plugin available here!

You want it? Buy it here:
Low-tech blog site.


Conqueress said…
I hope more starts selling! I love all the fun stuff you've got up... we'll keep buying when money permits (hubby never has enough shirts really).
Derek Knight said…
ha ha...ha.

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