Take a time out Mister!

I've given this a lot of thought and I've decided that it's time to take a time out. Or time off. Whatever. From blogging. I'll still participate each week in Illustration Friday, but that will be pretty much the extent of my wordly domain for awhile. I'm not sure how long.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that I heard back this weekend from both the art director and the publisher at Dark Recesses. They liked my illustration and they made their choice. It wasn't the one I liked the best, but they did have a good point about it being better suited to the story. Rather than post it here I'll toss up a link to the next issue when it has "printed". It's a free PDF download, so you won't have to make a monetary commitment and you'll get the story along with the picture. They also said they would be happy to make use of my illustration skills again*. So, yay!

Until I've completed the next IF word, everyone have a fantastic week(end)!


* And yes, I know I posted that list that included working for "exposure", which is what I'm doing with Dark Recesses. But I'm rationalizing it this way: They are a start up publication and as long as I do a good job for them I'm getting in at the "ground floor". They are on their 3rd issue. And who knows, it could lead to something. Also, it's excellent practice. I don't know. What I really need is a good agent.


Andy K said…
Enjoy your time off.
Heather said…
Fine, be that way. So much for my first stop of every day. :P

I still love you, though~
ottoblotto said…
Congratulations on the excellent feedback! I hope it will lead to more interesting work.
Derek Knight said…
good luck!

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