So many things to talk about.

And so little time. First off, my daughter forgot to bring home her tea drawing so she drew a new one yesterday. Here it is:

Next, I had said that I would be getting a list of the bands that were in the Virgin Digital wall paper that I posted yesterday. It turns out that it's not a simple list like I expected. It's actually the image with the band names written over the spots where they appear. It really takes away the fun of finding them yourself, so I'll hold off on posting a link to it until some time next week.

Third, if any of you are long time readers of my site – and I know at least two of you are – you'll remember when I went on my "magnetic" ribbon making kick in order to fill out my CafePress store. At the time I was totally fed up with seeing magnetic ribbons on cars.

You'll also possibly recall when I was talking about Matthew Baldwin over at Defective Yeti and his "Care Less" wrist bands that he made out of rubber bands with his own slogans written on them. He went on about how pointless the real bands were and how they were really just fashion statements. I'm paraphrasing there.

What do those two things have in common? Well, apparently some genius of Reese's caliber has decided that these two things simply HAD to go together. This morning on the way in to work I pulled up behind a Chrysler Pacifica* that had what appeared to be a sticker or a magnet of the "One Ring to rule them all". I thought, "Oh. A Lord of the Rings fan." Then I got closer and was able to make out the writing on the "ring".


That's right. Someone made a rubber band for your wrist into a magnet for your car. And at least one person bought it.

Fourth, on the same trip in, I pulled up behind a black pickup truck that had seen better days. It had one, lone bumper sticker that read, "If evolution is outlawed, then only outlaws will evolve." Great sentiment and all, but when the light turned green the driver just sat there and vigorously scratched his ass. When I honked after the count of three he jerked, stopped the scratching and drove off. I get the feeling that he's a few years away from evolving.

And last, I still haven't heard anything back from the art director at Dark Recesses about the illustration I submitted. That is making me think that my negative thoughts might be correct; they've decided to go with something else. If I hear otherwise I'll post it. If I don't hear anything at all then after issue #3 is released I'll post the whole image. In the meantime, here's a detail of my favorite version:

And that's all I have for you today. In case I don't post anything tomorrow, have a wonderful weekend.

* At first glance I thought it was called "Pacifier". Pacifica. Stupid name.

"What should we name our latest SUV? Make it watery."

"Um... Okay. Perhaps something that calls to mind the ocean. How about... 'Pacific'... uh...?"

"Superb idea! 'Pacifica' it is! Build those babies!"


Heather said…
Jordyn's picture is so cute.

I'm sure you'll hear back and it will be good news. You're so negative...silly boy.

"One band to rule them all." The end is near!
Jenn said…
Collin if you take out that eyeball and replace it with pink...
Derek Knight said…
We were behind a Chevy Equinox a couple of weeks ago...Granted, the logo is a bit on the stylized side, but I laughed until I nearly passed out when my wife asked who makes the "Squinox"
Andy K said…

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