Kokeeno (koh•key•no), the imaginary troublemaker.

My four year old daughter, Jordyn, has a new friend. An imaginary friend named Kokeeno. Well, I say "new" but she's been talking about Kokeeno for the better part of four months or so. I think she showed up around Jordyn's birthday in January. Hidden in the cake or something.

Actually, I believe 'Kokeeno' was originally the name she gave to her stuffed raccoon that she used to carry everywhere. Somehow the personality that developed with the name managed to detach from that toy so it is no longer necessary to have at hand in order to play.

Anyhow, she is mentioned at least once a day. Some days she is Jordyn's teacher and has assigned her homework, that "I simply MUST get done before I can go to bed, Daddy!". Other days she is someone to argue with on Jordyn's toy cell phone. Most often however she is a playmate that "suggests" various things that usually get Jordyn in trouble. Like getting something down from the top of the tall bookshelf, flooding the bathroom, sneaking a bag of potato chips from the kitchen or smacking her 11-yr old brother in the back of the head. Kokeeno causes problems.

It's getting to the point where I may have to tell her she can't see her anymore.

Have any of you reading this had experiences with imaginary friends?


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