The point of the reason for the thing of the stuff, see...

What I'm trying to say is that I never actually got to the point of yesterday's post. I'll bet you think I did, but no, I didn't.

See, some people seem to be of the school of thought that when they write they have a destination in mind and they work on arriving at that destination. They'll go back and refine what they've done, but overall they stick to a course.

I TRY to do that, really I do. I just get distracted along the way and wind up in Watts. Like the whole "Catching a Cop" story that I told. I was going to end it with something like, "How come nobody told me they carry guns and radios?" to tie it in with the earlier "Police Auction" story. But I just never got there. Instead I wound up bludgeoned to death in an alley, which in itself I thought was interesting but it just wasn't where I had planned on ending.

So... what was my point? Oh. Right.

I was going to mention that I am an avid gamer, if by "avid" you mean "rabidly psycho about".

Back in the day of steam powered modems and local BBSs there wasn't really much offered online that would qualify as a game. So we had to make our OWN fun. You kids have it EASY now, what with your Dragon Gamez and your Albino Blacksheep. And don't even get me STARTED about XBox Live! (wheee!) We had to WORK to have fun!

And all we had were these little things called ASCII characters. They were like the Lego™ of the BBS gaming world. Everything you wanted to play with had to be made from these things. Even the porn! Amazingly versatile things, ASCII.

One BBS I frequented didn't have a chat room. Instead it made due with a forum. Me being who I am, I came up with a fun game that I would like to include here for nostalgia's sake. That's something we old people do when we realize that the years have been cruel and we would like to recapture the "good old days" to the obvious delight of our children. Heh. Anyway.

Here's how it works. I'll post a list of five random words and if you would like to participate what you do is in the comments make a story using as many of the five words as you can. The rules are as follows:
1) The entire story must fit in a single comment. No multi-parters. This also limits you to 1000 characters since I'm a cheap bastard and won't upgrade my comments account.
2) The story must make some kind of sense. If it makes no sense you lose 3 points. No sandbagging.
3) You will get 1 point per word you use the first time you use it (5 points total).
4) You also get 1 point per vote you get from other commenters. You can't vote for your own story no matter how brilliant it is.
5) The first 24 hours after I post the words are for people to create their stories. After that point I'll post a comment that it's time to vote. 24 hours will be allowed for voting and then I'll post the results.
6) There is no rule 6. Yet.

Since I don't get the kind of traffic that the BBS got 13 years or so ago (cry), this may not be as much fun as I remember. But we'll see. I'll post the first words on my next update.

And... I seem to have actually, for the most part, stuck to my point. Yay me!


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