Bitin' Derek's Rhymes

I found a little time capsule stashed in a corner of my computer. This particular capsule is dated from 1997.

I would have been working at the Gazette at that time. Then when I left the Gazette I filled a couple of floppies with the things I wanted to keep, put them on this computer when I got here and then forgot about them.

And now I found them. Since I have nothing better to share with you today, here you go (And yes, this is totally ripping off Derek, except his are even older. And he is holding out on you.)...

I'll lead off with a few drawings that I did for some ads. this was back in 1997, if you recall. There wasn't a lot of full color artwork used in ads at that time. It was still quite expensive.

The first are three kids that were done for...I have no freaking idea anymore. But here you go.

And this is a hail damaged car. Back when EVERYTHING I did for work didn't have to involve cars.

Then, once when I had some time to mess around with drawing with a mouse at work I made this. It's also in greyscale because color files took up a lot more room and we had teenie-tiney hard drives with very little room for personal crap. I like the face, HATE the lamp. Needless to say, it looks like it was drawn with a mouse.

This was artwork for an anti-speeding poster that I was putting together to give to my son's school. They didn't ask for it, I was just pissed at all of the people that were speeding through the school zone, so I figured since I *could* do it, I might as well do it. Then I chickened out and never gave it to them. Probably just as well. It was dated from 1999, which would have been Kindergarten age.

This was just a quick dog sketch that I drew and liked. I was using it to sign my ad proofs at the Gazette for quite awhile.

And lastly, this is a scan of a drawing that I did while still in art school (RMCAD). It was for our big, final project in Animal Anatomy. It was done using a Rapidograph pen, 2 colors of ink on a textured paper that didn't scan for crap (at least in 1997). It was done in stipple style and took close to 20 hours to complete to my satisfaction. My instructor liked it so much that he tapped it to be put into the (required) yearly student art show. It took Gold in the Illustration category. Commercially I consider it a failure. It can't be reproduced worth a damn and the paper that I drew it on was some scrap stuff I had that I liked the look of (I was a very impoverished art student). It's not acid free so in time it will be gone. But I loved how it turned out. I look at it and am amazed that I actually made it.


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