Isn't technology grand?

Seeing my scan from 1997 of my Brahminy Kite drawing motivated me to dig it back out and try it on a modern day (2003) scanner that we have at work. It worked like a charm. So, I've gone from being totally unable to duplicate it in 1993, to sort of being able to duplicate it, but without the color (due to computer memory limitations and hard drive size limitations) in 1997 to a close to perfect scan in 2004.

If we actually had a top of the line printer it probably would be a perfect reproduction. As it is though I'm happy.

Here is the new scan and a close up of the head showing a portion of the work that went into it. I said before that I used two colors of ink. In looking at it closer I recalled that I used three colors of ink. I know, HUGE difference, but still.


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